A business can have the most talented, hard-working individuals in its workforce, but their business’s success will be limited if they fail to work effectively as a team. This, unfortunately, bears out in too many businesses today. Their enterprises undermine themselves due to various breakdowns in the channels of cooperation and coordination: departments working at cross-purposes, decisions being made in isolation, managers setting priorities on an ad hoc basis, or business strategy not aligning with IT strategy.

The result, in all of the above cases, is the same: a gap arises between operational planning and operational implementation. Fortunately, EIM Sensor has a solution for all of them in its Enterprise Architecture service.

Enterprise Architecture is an IT-enabled master plan that integrates data and data analyses from across the board to execute the strategies that will drive your business’s development. Our enterprise architects will use specialized tools and techniques to draw up a complete expression of your enterprise and its mission and goals, taking a full inventory of your technology applications, repositories, and data flows.

Then they identify how to bring your business planning, business operations, and technological infrastructure all into full collaboration and in the process boost productivity and effectiveness throughout the entire system. They will also update your systems to enable them to take advantage of new technologies such as cloud computing and mobile networking. You will gain:

  • Alignment of business and IT strategies
  • better cross-project governance and coordination
  • projects that deliver higher value and impact in line with strategy
  • consistent technology selection, IT management, and delivery practices
  • Enhanced project portfolio management
  • An IT network that is lower-cost and lower-maintenance, freeing up more resources for pursuing more of the services and apps that your customers and clients demand
  • More confidence among all stakeholders in the IT network

Our Enterprise Architecture team is equipping organizations of all sizes and sectors with tools for improving coordination and information flow, and for closing the gap between making plans and carrying them out. With our help, their leadership teams are more fully able to guide their enterprises from where they are to where they want to be. Contact us to see what our Enterprise Architecture service can do for you.