A Geospatial Information System (GIS) assembles location tagged data attributes, such as demographics, transportation routes, sales figures, site inventories, and environmental data for analysis. EIM Sensor specializes in combining dynamic digital maps such as those offered by Google, ESRI, and Microsoft with leading Business Intelligence platforms to provide superior reporting capability. This provides better perspective and situational awareness than can be gleamed from charts and tabular data alone. Our GIS helps you make sense of what would otherwise be complex, conflicting, and potentially overwhelming information so that you can easily compare items, spot new trends, and analyze problems.

EIM Sensor’s GIS expertise can be a powerful asset for both Business Applications and Environmental Applications. Across industry sectors, GIS benefits include enhanced capabilities for visualizing information, processing big data sets, and improving intelligence and decision making.

Our team of professionals is experienced at pinpointing the right solution for specific program requirements. EIM Sensor is committed to quality and brings a proven track developing and supporting enterprise scale solutions to government and industry clients. Allow us help you to gather and process geo-enabled data so that you can make better informed decisions, in less time, and with improved results.

Geospatial Services