An Enterprise Information Management solution

uniquely suited for
Today’s Records Manager

EIM FileMap® puts usability first. We’ve replaced excessive complexity with elegant design that makes accomplishing records management tasks simpler.


  • EIM FileMap® is used to manage all types of electronic and physical files
  • Licensing Options (User, Project, Enterprise)
  • Onsite Deployment, Cloud or Hybrid
  • Alternative to MS SharePoint and EMC Documentum
  • Intuitive, easy to use and customize
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EIM Sensor offers the business flexibility AND operational control to meet the unique requirements of Government Records Mandates.

  • EIM Sensor has the back office flexibility to offer costcompetitive, tailored solutions
  • Health Care PII and government requirements including: Security, auditing, cloud, tiered support levels, simplified audit and compliance.
  • EIM Sensor provides a low risk, low cost, single system of record for all records and other assets.

EIM FileMap® = Largest ROI


Comparison of EIM Filemap to Mirosoft SharePoint and EMC Documentum

Market Landscape – Enterprise Content Management


ECM Product Comparison

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