Discover the Analytical Power of Business Intelligence (BI)

The volume of data organizations collect has grown exponentially over the past decade.   The result is often thousands of databases attempting to manage hordes of scattered data.   To keep up with today’s demands for timely, relevant information, organizations need a business intelligence strategy to effectively extract, transform and load (ETL) information from multiple sources.

EIM Sensor can help.  Our first step in developing a business intelligence platform is identifying the information that matters most to an organization, and identifying how to locate and retrieve it.   From there, EIM Sensor helps organizations develop customized tools to help understand the data so that decision-makers can anticipate where the business is headed and develop a strategy to exceed expectations.

When we develop a business intelligence framework, we take many factors into account.   For example, it is important to determine the information processing performance gain of In-Memory Analytics – the usefulness of a computer’s random access memory (RAM) —that are used today to make information more actionable.  Cyber Security also plays a key role in safeguarding information and in determining whether to go with a cloud, on-site, or hybrid solution.  Market Forces such as social media, mobile technology, and modern collaboration tools are converging at once changing the way to best engage customers and garner consumer sentiment for analysis.

Contact EIM Sensor to learn more about how we can help you develop a strategy to implement a business intelligence platform, that allows stakeholders to make more informed decisions based on measurable key performance indicators (KPIs).