EIM Sensor’s realizes that there is nothing big about “Big Data” if an organization cannot make it actionable.

As a decision maker, you rely on sound Business Intelligence and data analytics. In today’s fast-paced and fast-changing business climate, critical new developments may emerge at any instant within your organization, your supply chain, your customer base, and your industry. Your bottom line depends upon you knowing what is coming up these up, and acting on it as effectively and efficiently as possible. It’s a steep challenge for any business, but EIM Sensor’s Decision Analytics offering is here to help you cut it down to size.

For almost 10 years, our Enterprise Information Management team at EIM Sensor has assisted our clients to develop strategies to monitor and control information anytime from anywhere!

Big Data combined with geospatial tools and increased backend computing performance to aggregate incoming streams of data from your organization, its partners and vendors, and external networks and crunch all of it instantaneously into charts, graphs, and reports for you to view right from your own computer or mobile device.
Better still, we have knowledge and experience of the latest industry trends and can help you to develop a fully interactive decision analytics platform to highlight and map the data sets that are most vital to you. Additionally, they will let you link and match different data sets to spot connections and identify newly emerging trends and patterns. Then you can auto-generate custom “Score Cards” of your organization’s health.

Combining best practices in Big Data with rich decision analytical tools we draw together data from a variety of networks and systems, many of them completely unconnected.

Let us help you create a BI Platform that integrates with:

  • Leading BI engines, such as Tableau, Qlikview, DOMO Oracle, and Microsoft;
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) applications, such as ESRI and Google, to ensure that all data is fully place-specific and geographically accurate;
  • Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, to keep you alert up-to-the-minute on every asset that your organization has, will have, or needs to have;
  • Social media, to keep you informed of what consumers and commentators in any locale and at any time are thinking and feeling;
  • Financial support systems, such as SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle, to keep you on top of your business’s bottom line;
  • And many more.

And since every business leader—you included—has unique information needs, we will customize the software package and features to make it pertinent to you. Stay alert on the key indicators of your choosing: sales forecasts, warehouse inventories, parcel shipping, deliveries, appointments, events, billing, and more. Or monitor your organization’s progress toward specified goals, such as leaner manufacturing, environmental sustainability, overall cost-cutting. Whatever your priorities are, we will adapt your Business Intelligence program to provide the information that will help you succeed.

Our company is a trusted name in Enterprise Information Management solutions. Clients in numerous sectors and industries rely on our guidance in developing cutting edge, user friendly decision support tools to assess their operating environment and to guide them to solutions to problems large and small. Contact us to learn more about how our software service can help you, too, to gather the best actionable intelligence and keep your business ahead of the pack.