Your business runs on a wide range of hardware products and property. Knowing each one’s whereabouts and status is indispensable to your success. Only by knowing that every asset is are safe, secure, and is going to the best use possible, can you guard against theft, protect sensitive data, make workflow and productions as efficient as possible, and control supplies and costs. Asset management, as such, is a challenge that every business and organization must meet head-on.

We at EIM Sensor know the necessity of asset management. And we are helping businesses and organizations everywhere meet the challenge with our state-of-the-art Asset Management solution.

Our service incorporates database repositories and RFID and asset-tracking features to register each and every hardware product within your facilities. Each item, once registered, will stay under constant tracking and monitoring as it moves from work area to work area, with key data about the item entering the data feed at every second.

You will be able to manage every asset and assess, at any time, its cost, its location, and who is using it—all directly from your own PC or mobile device. Log onto the system at any time of day, and you will get instant, real-time information that you need to:

  • Keep track of hardware and hardware issues, and if it is time to take an item out of service
  • Minimize equipment losses and inventory misplacements
  • Ensure against property thefts
  • Safeguard your IT systems from breaches of sensitive data
  • Manage workflow more effectively
  • Predict and prevent serious hardware issues

In our globalized world economy, a business’s supply chain and production lines are more likely to disperse over state, national, or even continental borders, spreading critical assets throughout different cities, or even different time zones. But no matter what geographic distance may separate your business’s operations, our Asset Management services will give you the capability to manage each one and its assets all the same. Contact us to help you keep all of your properties, inventories, and assets within your reach.