EIM Sensor’s GIS services excel at putting geospatial information to work for our clients, with some of the greatest results taking place in the area of environmental sustainability. We combine copious field work with software platforms primed for visual mapping, 3-D modeling, and processing data from multiple sources to give comprehensive, conclusive answers on where, what, and how a client must act to improve his or her enterprise’s sustainability measures and protect resources and landscapes.

Clients use our services to accelerate the pace and breadth of field tests of soil, air, and water; conduct large-scale mapping of affected wetlands, waterways, and other areas of concern; and determine the exact impacts on those areas of present and future human activities. Also key, clients can use our services to monitor their own business operations’ sustainability quotients: We customize and install software platforms that will compile and process troves of environmental indicators from your work sites, supply lines, and facilities. Monitor energy usage, check for air or water pollution, test soil quality, and make sure that your facilities exhibit only the highest standards of hygiene and worker health.

Companies and organizations looking for long-term, data-rich, and technology-savvy solutions to their sustainability and resource challenges will find an indispensable asset in EIM Sensor. Contact our team today to see how we can help you meet your environmental goals.