EIM Sensor helps our clients reduce risk and enhance their bottom lines by developing and implementing cohesive and well-defined Enterprise Information Management systems that are integrated with their business systems and operations.

Our Environmental industry offering combines expertise gained from supporting program objectives for military and civilian installations with scalable technology solutions to support decision making for a broad range of environmental initiatives.

EIM Sensor specializes in developing content management solutions that support management of plans, assessments, impact analysis, permits and many other document types.

Areas of Expertise

  • Leverage Enterprise Information Management and GIS to mange stormwater permits, and outfalls.
  • Combining best practices in Geographic Information Systems and Business Intelligence to develop environmental dashboards to support situational awareness and decision making activities.
  • Enterprise Architecture solutions that combine data from maps, models, and remote sensing data.
  • Utilizing Geospatial Information to define alternatives

Our team of professionals have experience working along side our customers Environmental Teams to tackle challenges ranging from water quality, permitting, facility management, construction, land use, ecosystem services, alternative energy studies and more.

EIM Sensor is a GSA Professional Services Schedule holder for Environmental Services.

GSA - Contract Holder