Businesses, universities, and federal government agencies across the country have been boosting their productivity, customer service, and responsiveness to changing market conditions through the tracking and analytical tools that they receive from EIM Sensor. From its founding in 2006, our company has proven itself again and again to be a go-to resource for organizations that seek innovative and user-friendly ways to manage their assets, know their markets, and stay ahead of the competition.

We equip clients in every sector with top-of-the-line technologies for greater situational awareness and better internal management, through a portfolio of services that includes RFID, GIS, asset management, business intelligence, IT consulting, and more. Our client base is diverse. But our level of commitment to each is the same. Every one receives expert-level, customized solutions that will help its enterprise achieve a solid market share and a satisfied, loyal customer base for many years to come.

The table below highlights some of EIM Sensor’s projects.

Records Management

Department of Homeland Security

  • Document Tracking Systems
  • Decision Support Tools

Web Application Development

Department of the Treasury

  • Web Collaboration Tools
  • Portal Development

Public Health: Coastal Water Quality

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

  • Environmental Research
  • Remote Monitoring

Decision Support

Environmental Protection Agency

  • IT Program Management Support
  • Geospatial Solutions